A Guide To Picking The Best Halal Wine For You

A Guide To Picking The Best Halal Wine For You

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There are many reasons why people opt for non-alcoholic wines — from supporting a healthy lifestyle and religious obligations to including non-drinking friends in your social gatherings and simply wanting to feel your best — Halal wines have uncompromised flavors without the alcohol.

So, where do you begin picking the best Halal wine for you? Begin the journey with Halal Wine Cellar today!

Red wine

Halal Red Wine

Tannins are the backbone of red wines, and embody the texture we often describe as dry, smooth, soft, or rough — the darker the red wine the higher concentration of tannins you’ll encounter. If you love a bold taste that is less sweet than white wine, yet still fruit-forward, non-alcoholic red wine is a perfect choice.

Red wine can be enjoyed all year long but is especially great in the colder, darker months when hearty stews and beautiful cuts of meat are served more regularly.

white wine

Halal White Wine

Non-alcoholic white wines feature tannins, but they're not the taste influencers. White wines are known for their featured acidity, as often described as tart or crisp. From bright and creamy to savory, white wine is best enjoyed chilled.

Pair white wines with the summer breeze and sunsets, alongside lighter dishes including chicken and seafood.

rose wine

Halal Rose Wine

We all know Halal rose wine by the soft pink color. While it stays connected to the grape skins long enough to get its color, rose is much closer to a white wine than red. With low tannins and a sweet flavor, rose is a favorite right around happy hour, while taking a midday dip in the pool or having a late lunch with friends on a summer day!

sparkling wines

Halal Sparkling Wines

Halal sparkling wines are bubbly and effervescent! Featuring a prominent carbonation as a natural part of the fermentation process, sparkling wine implements both white and red grapes. With more floral and fruity aromas, these wines are sweet, dry, and cherished at any celebratory occasion!


When picking the best non-alcoholic wine for you, there are a few things to consider including tannins, texture, and the food it will be paired with. Find a beautiful selection of 0.0% ABV wines at the Halal Wine Cellar today!

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