What is Halal?

All wines that we sell are Halal certified. What does Halal Certified mean?

The word ‘Halal’ (حلال) is an Arabic word which literally means permissible. And in translation it is usually used as lawful/allowed/acceptable and it’s a term which is applied to all aspects of life and covers not only food and drink, but also all matters of daily life.

When used in relation to food or drink, it means that the food/drink is lawful, allowed or permissible for Muslims, which guarantees to consumers that the wine contains no forbidden components, like alcohol.

All Halal certified wines contain 0.0% alcohol by volume.

Halal certificates are issued, for a fee, by a certifying body. We work with Islamic Information Documentation and Certification, Halal Consulting SLL, and Welt Halal Union.