What is Halal?

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Halal is an Arabic word that means permissible. Halal-certified products are considered proper or acceptable by Islamic law. According to these laws, products must come from an acceptable source to receive this certification.


What are Halal Wines? Are All Your Wines Halal?

Halal wines are non-alcoholic wines or dealcoholized wines. They all have a 0.0% alcohol content. There is no alcohol in these wines. We do not carry any wines with a 0.5% ABV. These wines are regularly audited to ensure they meet Halal requirements.


What Is The Process?

From vineyards, grapes will be picked, crushed, and fermented. The grapes undergo a normal fermentation process. These grapes, once they are finished fermenting, go through their filtration process. A variety of filtration methods are available. Most commonly, reverse osmosis and minimal heat are used to process the wine. By using reverse osmosis, ethanol is separated from wine to create a sticky substance that is discarded. Minimal heat is also applied to burn off any particles that may remain. Computer systems ensure that all of these wines have an ABV of 0.0%. International Islamic Councils carefully monitor these steps to ensure these wines have no alcohol in them.


What Is The Purpose For This?

The purpose of our organization is to prevent people from turning to alcohol. We live in a Western Culture, where many people are curious by nature. We are constantly confronted with environments that are capable of leading us to make poor decisions. A wine's unique flavor portfolio makes it popular within the alcoholic world, and wine is not typically consumed to get drunk. Using it as a pairing enhances food and even offers health benefits.

Our goal is to provide non-alcoholic wines as a healthier alternative to sugary sodas and high sugary drinks. We are here to help provide a drink that can help fight heart disease and depression. Our organization aims to offer a healthier alternative to curious Muslims and others to discourage them from drinking alcohol. We are here to ease our converts' transition to Islam. Furthermore, we are committed to helping convert the non-Muslim world to a non-alcoholic lifestyle.


Where do you ship? And do you charge for shipping?

We ship in the continental USA. Typically shipping takes from 1-6 Business Days, depending on your location. We ship out of NY.

We charge a flat rate of $8.99 to our customers regardless of location and the number of bottles purchased. Wines are heavy and fragile, so shipping is typically expensive. We cover a large portion of the shipping for our customers.



Do you sell wholesale? 

Yes, we do! We sell wholesale to all restaurants, lounges, cafes and more! We also offer great volume discounts to customers that buy these wines for events! 

How Do You Preserve These Wines?

Keep them in a dry, cool place below 70 degrees. Once opened, keep it in the refrigerator tightly sealed. Consume within three days of opening. When the bottle is unopened, these wines have a shelf life of 3 years.


Do you have a store?

We currently do not have an in-person store! We hope to open one in the future! Subscribe to our email to be up to date with our news! 


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