Muslim's FAQ

Purpose of Halal Wine Cellar

The purpose of our organization is to prevent people from turning to alcohol. We live in a Western Culture, where many people are curious by nature. We are constantly confronted with environments that are capable of leading us to make poor decisions. A wine's unique flavor portfolio makes it popular within the alcoholic world, and wine is not typically consumed to just get drunk. Using it as a pairing enhances food and even offers pleanty of health benefits.

Our goal is to provide non-alcoholic wines as a healthier alternative to sugary sodas and high sugary drinks. We are here to help provide a drink that can help fight heart disease, depression etc. The aim of our organization is to offer a healthier alternative to curious Muslims and discourage them from drinking alcohol. We are here to ease our converts' transition to Islam. Furthermore, we are committed to helping convert the non-Muslim world to a non-alcoholic lifestyle. Our GOAL is to transition the world away from Alcohol and not towards it by providing REAL options, thus helping humanity. 

While we respect  many of your perspectives, please understand that our intentions are pure and well-intentioned. We respect your decision to stay away from the product if you feel uncomfortable. 

Why call it Halal Wines?

There is a lot of controversy around what we are calling our Brand, Halal Wine Cellar. Yes in Islam there is no such thing as "Halal Wine." Wine cannot be "Halal." But the same rules apply for the term "Halal Turkey Bacon" and others but yet we see them everywhere and as a society for many we are okay with this. Same will happen to "Halal Wine."

People dont feel comfortable with the term "Halal Wine." Maybe we should have called it "Halal Beverage Cellar" and bring ease to some. Call it what you will to bring ease to your mind at the end of the day it is still wine. Wine is a process of beverage making and we find it calling anything else is deceitful. Eventually in time as usual many will begin to understand. 

How is this different from grape juice?

In many ways. The process of juice making and wine making are totally different. Typically juice's are made from concentrate and involves different steps with a lot of added products such as sugar, etc.

Wines typically go through a fermentation process, ageing process, filtration process, etc. That is why we do not call this juice because it isnt. 

Are All Your Products 0.0% Alcohol? 

Yes, all the products we offer are Halal Certified (by internationally recognized organizations) non-alcoholic beverages with a 0.0% alcohol content. We do not sell products containing ANY alcohol. 

Is this unethical and an imitation of kuffar (disbelievers)?

The real question is what is unethical about it? We live in a  free western society where now people have options to decide for themselves as they always have weather they want to try something or not. Real options that do not go against people's faith/beliefs. 

In the case of imitating "kuffar," there are numerous examples depending on the individual. Consumption of many things in western society can be labeled as imitating kuffar. Think about it.

There are many schools of thought some more conservative or progressive than others. There is no right or wrong school of thought. We have confirmed everything via scholars and put our trust in them just like how many of our followers and customers have. 

Not everything is for everyone. If you feel uncomfortable, we can respect that, and we shouldnt judge others based on our personal beliefs and assumptions about our faith. Allah knows best. 

Would "Halal Wines" be Halal to consume?

The simple answer is YES. It all comes down to your intentions, similar to everything else in life. Now if you have the wrong intentions and your intending to drink this to "act drunk" (because this won't do it, since no alcohol) then this product is not "Halal" for you along with many other things you might be doing in life already. Your intention is haram. 

Nevertheless, if you drink to experience something new, something different, something healthy and it is consider Halal (permissible), it is Halal for you. Your intention is what matters most. Again this applies to everything, not just 0.0% wines. Some people live in constant fear, guilt, and regret towards God, while others live in love, peace and happiness. Each of us must decide what path he or she wants to follow while adhering to Islam. Religion is meant to bring ease to life not obstacles. 

Why Aren't You Certified By An American Islamic Organization?

Certification of a Halal product involves many components. Organizations go to manufacturers to observe and test the entire process. Generally, non-international organizations aren't willing to travel outside of their country to certify a Halal product. In the near future, we hope to hire an American Islamic organization to certify these products in France, Spain, and Italy.

DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of the wineries and we don't make any of the products we sell, we just distribute them and bring them to market.