The Process for 0.0% Alcohol

Being Muslim, there are certain western experience we can not partake in like the infamous wine culture. Who doesn’t love the aesthetics of wine and cheese? Now we have a solution: Halal Wine Cellar’s Non Alcoholic 0.0% Wine. You must be thinking how it is possible and if it is just “grape juice.” It’s not and here in this video, we will explain how we achieve this halal wine. 

Non-alcoholic or de-alcoholized wines are distinctly different from grape juices and other non-alcoholic beverages because they are fermented drinks that have had the alcohol removed.

This is done by using NON ALCOHOLIC DEALCOHOLAZATION PROCESSES. In order to achieve good non-alcoholic wine, generally the most common methods of removing or de-alcoholizing wines are using cold filtration, vacuum extraction or by a spinning column. Various vineries use different methods to achieve the same result.

Cold Filtration

The cold filtration process removes alcohol from the wine without applying any heat. The process is done cold, usually less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit allowing the wine to retain all of the natural flavor of the grape.

Produced by reverse osmosis, the wine flows from the base tank along a membrane rather than through it. Mesh-like membranes are encased in cylinders that separate the wine into a syrupy concentrate of an alcohol-and-water mixture. The cycle is repeated 10-20 times after which the water is reintroduced to the concentrate to create the finished product. This results in a superb cool mouth feel and a taste that most wine connoisseurs’ love.


In this method the alcohol free wine is produced according to one of the most modern and efficient methods to guarantee the high quality of the finished product.

Extracting the alcohol happens in a very careful way in a vacuum (a space without any air) where the wine is warmed up to 28° Celsius. At this low temperature, it is possible to conserve the flavour of the alcohol free wine and is very effective as the procedure happens in only a few minutes. The system is computer-controlled to ensure the optimal extraction of alcohol is achieved.

Spinning Cone Column

The spinning cone column reduces the ethanol (alcohol) content of the fermented wine in a process that is completed several times in order to separate the aroma and taste compounds and then removes the alcohol. The aim is to keep the all the flavor of the wine while removing the alcohol during the process.

Once it has been dealcoholized, a part of the wine is aged for 6 months in French Oak barrels, with the wine lees in stainless steel vats. This combination contributes a smoothness in the mouth and a better perception of the varietal aromas. 

The process continues with clarification and filtration, before carrying out the final product and bottling. Once the product is finished, these bottles are examined by Islamic Councils to verify its 0.0% alcohol content.

So the Muslim Community can be rest assured that it is Halal Wine and indeed contains  0.0% Alcohol and that it is ALL Halal Certified.

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