The Process for 0.0% Alcohol

A non-alcoholic wine or de-alcoholized wine is different from grape juices and other non-alcoholic drinks because they are fermented drinks that have been de-alcoholized. 

"Alcohol-Free" beverages are produced without any form of fermentation or brewing. Here at Halal Wine Cellar, ALL of our products are 0.0% alcohol, not 0.5%. We offer both de-alcoholized and alcohol-free wines and will be using these terms interchangeably.

Non-alcoholic de-alcoholization is achieved by using NON-ALCOHOLIC DEALCOHOLAZATION PROCESSES. In order to make a non-alcoholic wine, generally, the most common methods are cold filtration, vacuum extraction, or using a spinning column. Different vineries use different methods to accomplish this.

Cold Filtration

Cold filtration eliminates alcohol from wine without using any heat. It is done at a low temperature, usually below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so that the wine retains all of its natural flavors.

By reverse osmosis, the wine flows from the base tank along a membrane rather than through it. A mesh-like membrane surrounds cylinders that separate the wine into a syrupy mix of alcohol and water. After repeating the cycle 10-20 times, the water is reintroduced to the concentrate to form the finished product. This results in a cool mouthfeel and a taste that most wine connoisseurs love.


To ensure the high quality of the finished product, this method uses one of the most modern and efficient methods available.

Since alcohol vaporizes at a lower temperature than other liquids, it would be necessary to boil wine at high temperatures to steam off the alcohol, thus damaging the delicate flavors. Vaporization occurs in a vacuum, where much lower temperatures are needed to achieve vaporization. By doing this, the wine loses its alcohol but retains its characteristics and flavors, which would otherwise be lost during normal boiling.

When the wine is warmed up to 82° F, the alcohol is carefully extracted in a vacuum (a space without any air). It is possible to preserve the taste of the alcohol-free wine at this low temperature, and it is very effective since the process takes only a few minutes. A computer-controlled system ensures the optimal extraction of alcohol.

Spinning Cone Column

In a spinning cone column, ethanol (alcohol) is removed from fermented wine after the process is repeated several times to separate the aroma and taste compounds, and then the alcohol is removed. The aim is to keep the wine's flavor while removing the alcohol throughout the process.

Following de-alcoholization, part of the wine is aged six months in French Oak barrels, while the lees are aged in stainless steel tanks. As a result, there is a smoothness in the mouth and a better perception of the varietal aromas. 

Prior to bottling, the product is clarified and filtered. Islamic Councils examine the finished product to verify its 0.0% alcohol content.

Therefore, the Muslim community can rest assured that the wines are 0.0% alcohol content and are all Halal Certified.

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