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Revel in the Richness of Non-Alcoholic Red Wines!

03 Jan 2023

Non-alcoholic 0.0%  red wines are quickly becoming one of the most popular alternatives for those who wish to enjoy all of the flavors offered by traditional wine without the risks associated with consuming alcohol. Not only are they a great option for those with religious restrictions, dietary needs and personal preferences, but these non-alcoholic reds offer an overall enjoyable experience that can easily rival their alcoholic counterparts. 

Tannins are the backbone of red wines, and embody the texture we often describe as dry, smooth, soft, or rough — the darker the red wine the higher concentration of tannins you’ll encounter. If you love a bold taste that is less sweet than white wine, yet still fruit-forward, non-alcoholic red wine is a perfect choice.

These wines come in many varieties ranging from lighter bodied Pinot Noir to more robust Cabernet Sauvignon and everything in between. Each type has its own unique flavor profile and aroma that can range from sweet and fruity to spicy and earthy depending on the specific grape variety used in each blend. Take some time to really appreciate how each bottle feels on your tongue so you can get a better sense of all its distinct flavor notes! 

Non-alcoholic reds will pair nicely with a variety of dishes, such as charcuterie boards or steaks, lamb, other red meats - or even just enjoyed alone at home! Whichever way you choose to partake in these delicious treasures from the world of wine, you won't be disappointed with what these delightful bottles have in store for you!

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