About Us

Salaam everyone!

We wanted to tell you a little about ourselves. We were born and raised in America in a Muslim Family. Growing up, there were many cultural activities that we would not be able to participate due to religious preferences. In recent years, we have been trying to find alternative ways to be able to experience western culture while abiding with our religion. We always wanted to create and make a difference in our Muslim community, to be able to give them an experience that they would otherwise not be able to do.

We came in contact with European Wine Manufactures who serve the communities that do not wish to consume any alcohol. After continuous research and communication with manufactures and certifiers, we were able to confirm Halal Certified Wines. 

We believed this would allow Muslims to experience something new, something different, something cultural without betraying their religious beliefs. It was the dream we were always pursuing. That's when Halal Wine Cellar was born, to fill the gap in the American Muslim world. We only sell and distribute Halal Certified 0.0% Alcohol. 

We at Halal Wine Cellar will do our best to serve our community, to educate, to learn and provide an unique experience to all of our brothers and sisters. Thank you for taking the moment to read this. We hope you can continue to support this business.