We recommend using the 4’s of Wine Tasting. All products should be slightly chilled for best taste. 

Step 1: Sight

Hold your glass up a bit, preferably toward natural light and against a white background. How would you describe the color? Whites can range from almost clear to light yellow to rich gold. Reds can range from pink to purple to almost black.

Step 2: Swirl

Gently swirl the wine in your glass to let in more oxygen and release its aromas and flavors. This is called “volatilizing the esters.” Do not do this for sparkling wine!

Step 3: Smell

Be bold with your sniffing. Close your eyes and stick your nose right into the glass. What do you notice?

Step 4: Sip

Take a good, medium sized sip. Don’t swallow right away. Purse your lips and gently roll the wine around in your mouth. If you want, draw in some air across your tongue to bring out the flavors even more.


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