A Note To Our Fellow Muslims 

Salam everyone.

Halal Wine Cellar as a name can sound shocking to many people. We can understand the confusion because we know alcohol can never be Halal. Halal Wine Cellar isn't here to portray a message of Halal "alcohol;" we are here to stray people away from alcoholic drinks while offering real non-alcoholic wine and spirit options.

We condone those who will drink our non-alcoholic (0.0%) wines and pretend as if they are drunk because that is not our purpose or intention.

Like various skin colors, there are many different kinds of wants, interests, and desires. Our environment can affect those thoughts and actions, and we understand certain temptations or pressures that can run across some minds living in Western society.

Halal Wine Cellar was made for anyone who wants to stay away from alcohol but is tired of the same non-alcoholic options and feels like the odd ones out. 

What choices do we really have? Soda, juice, sugary mocktails? Well, they are great to drink, but they offer the same experience each time. With wine, every bottle tastes different due to the vast varieties of wine grapes, and every bottle also tastes different each year because the taste of the wine depends on the climate matter. 

You get to enjoy so many health benefits of the product and the gastronomic experience of pairing wine with food. 

You get an elevated, elegant experience without any compromise!

Our purpose is to provide an alternative to alcoholic drinks. We aim to prevent Muslims and transition non-Muslims from drinking alcohol and provide real options. 

Culturally in the West and many parts of the world, drinking alcohol has become a norm. It influences society as well as many Muslims along its destructive path. However, as the world is slowly transitioning into a more health-conscious environment, the negative effects of alcohol are starting to be more considered, whether spiritually, emotionally or physically.

Halal Wine Cellar is bringing true wines that are all completely alcohol-free. Whether you were curious about wine, couldn't find an alternative to a good glass of wine, or were recommended wine for your health but couldn't consume it due to alcohol, you have a choice!

Our goal is not to mimic the taste of alcohol but to offer you the real taste of wine with no alcohol while also offering a healthy and delicious beverage with a number of varieties, benefits, and food pairing options. In the same way that CBD is Halal, because it contains no active ingredient that can cause intoxication, so too are Halal Wines.

We respect many of your viewpoints, but please be reassured that our intentions are pure and well-intended. If you feel uncomfortable with the product, we respect your decision to avoid it.