Pierre Zero - Merlot (0.0%)

Enjoy the complex taste of Pierre Zero's Merlot (0.0%), a de-alcoholized French wine with a harmonious balance of fruit and acidity. With aromas of black licorice and cherry cordials and notes of pepper, cinnamon, and chocolate, this sweet and fruity wine is perfect for those who appreciate a hint of earthy undertones.
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Size: 750 ml
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Pierre Zero - Merlot (0.0%) - Halal Wine Cellar

Pierre Zero - Merlot (0.0%)


Pierre Zero - Merlot (0.0%)

Size: 750 ml

Pierre Zero's Merlot (0.0%) is a de-alcoholized French wine with well-balanced fruit and acidity. Its sweet and fruity taste has a hint of earthy undertones, with aromas of black licorice and cherry cordials. The pepper and cinnamon add a lift, while the cherry cordial notes and chocolate undertones add to their complexity.


Wine Flavor Profile:

Black licorice
Cherry cordials
Earthy undertones



General Pairing Suggestions Specific Pairing Examples
Beef Steak, beef stew, grilled beef skewers
Hearty stews and casseroles Beef bourguignon, shepherd's pie, chili
Meat-based pasta dishes and lasagna Bolognese sauce, lasagna, meatballs
Dark chocolate desserts Chocolate cake, brownies, truffles
Aged and hard cheeses, like cheddar or gouda Cheddar, gouda, blue cheese



Wine Information
Alcohol Content 0.0%
Acidity 2/5
Sweetness 3/5
Dryness 3/5
Fruitiness 2/5

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Kibtia Sultana

    Pierre Zero - Merlot (0.0%)

    Dave Abdallah
    Loved it

    It tastes very real. One of the best I’ve had.

    Rhonda Zappey
    Hooray for nonalcoholic wine

    15 years on sobriety, and finally a very good tasting wine, since I like the taste of wine has come out so glad to join my friends with a glass of wine at dinner. The wine is so tasty. I’ve placed two orders already and I will place orders with you in the future. Thank you.

    Shariq Baba

    Pierre Zero - Merlot (0.0%)

    Janet Kelsey

    I’ve tasted lots of red wines but this is my first taste of a 0.0% alcohol wine. This wine has a very smokey flavor. It is unlike any Merlot I’ve ever had, probably because there is no alcohol, but it is not unpleasant. I thought it was better with food than as a sipping wine.

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