Princess - Rosso Dry (0.0%)

Princess - Rosso Dry (0.0%) is a de-alcoholized Italian red wine that offers a bold and courageous experience. It presents a captivating blend of spice and fruit, with notes of black and white pepper, raspberry, and red currant. This fine red wine culminates with a gratifying dry finish.
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Princess - Rosso Dry (0.0%) - Halal Wine Cellar

Princess - Rosso Dry (0.0%)


Princess - Rosso Dry (0.0%)


Discover the bold and courageous Princess - Rosso Dry (0.0%), a de-alcoholized Italian red wine that combines spice and fruit in perfect harmony. With its intriguing blend of black and white pepper, raspberry, and red currant flavors, this fine red wine concludes with a satisfying dry finish.

Wine Flavor Profile:

Black and white pepper
Red currant



General Pairing Suggestions Specific Pairing Examples
Meat dishes Grilled steak, Roast chicken
Pasta dishes Tomato-based pasta, Mushroom risotto
Hard cheeses Parmesan, Pecorino
Spicy cuisine Spicy chicken dishes, Mexican enchiladas
Hearty stews Beef stew, Lentil stew



Country of Origin
Alcohol Content 0.0%
Acidity 3/5
Sweetness 1/5
Dryness 4/5
Fruitiness 2/5

**This product requires a corkscrew**   

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Katherine Bell
    If you like dry red, this is for you

    I like dry reds and I could drink with almost any pairing, but it pairs particularly well with cheeses!

    Rubina Chauhan
    Princess Rose -Stunning flavor

    By far my favorite item I have purchased from Halal wine cellar! I love that it’s corked too ❤️ quality beverage without losing the taste of the wine itself!

    Sophie Moore
    Great Wine, I prefer the Zero Merlot

    I recently tried Princess Rosso Dry, and I have to say, I was impressed by how much it resembled a traditional Italian red wine. It has a bold and dry taste with hints of cherry and spice, and pairs well with a variety of foods. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the taste was slightly too acidic for my personal preference. However, I would still highly recommend it as a great nonalcoholic wine option for anyone who wants to enjoy a quality beverage without the alcohol content.

    Sherina Lockhart

    Princess - Rosso Dry (0.0%)

    Mohit Chowdhury
    One of the better Red Wines

    Nice Italian red wine. I would say it is on the drier side. I enjoyed the taste, as it was not sweet. I can easily enjoy this with pasta dishes, and meats. I would recommend to others

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